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There’s a lot of misconceptions about this specific segment of the industry. Many believe affordable housing is complicated, or do not understand it’s purpose. Many believe sustainability is either too expensive or the end user has no interest in green construction. There’s some truth to both statements, but there’s a series of projects and case studies that prove these misconceptions as not being absolute truths.

There is a place for sustainable and efficient buildings for affordable housing constituents. Many times the users have fixed or low incomes and cannot bare the risk of increased costs over time. At the same time buildings, developers and political leaders should care about the quality of buildings being created even if the end user cannot eloquently state the positive outcomes from having them.


Information on sustainable affordable housing does not have a central location online.

This site is intended to be the springboard of knowledge into the realm of sustainability and affordable housing. It is not intended to be an end point, it’s intended to be a conduit to access information.

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